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LUBRITOOL (Tool Clamping Maintenance Solutions)

LUBRITOOL (Tool Clamping Maintenance Solutions)

01-Jan-2018 by: Rohm GmbH ROHM (GREAT BRITAIN) LTD

In the high-paced, everyday life of production, there are topics the are still unpopular. Maintenance is certainly one of them. That is because it takes time and is often neglected. A reminder of the forgotten lubrication suddenly comes if the performance deteriorates or even fails. To counter this, the clamping and gripping specialist RÖHM is now bringing an absolute innovation to the market: the Lubritool lubrication tool.

Innovative and registered for a patent, it enables automatic lubrication of tool clamping systems in milling machines and machining centres within seconds – instead of minutes.

The fact is that after around 75 hours of operation or alternatively 20,000 tool changes, HSK clamping sets should be serviced to ensure the process reliability. In most cases, the manual lubrication process means shutting down the machine and hence downtime for several minutes. In addition, deviations from the optimum time for lubrication as well as the amount of lubricant are the case. This is not to mention that lubrication is forgotten completely in many cases.

To make all this a thing of the past, RÖHM developed the innovative Lubritool lubrication tool. After being informed of the correct time by the machine controller, the Lubritool product innovation is swapped in automatically directly from the tool magazine and provides the HSK clamping set with the ideal amount of lubrication in just a few seconds. That way, costly and time-consuming maintenance work or even complete machine downtime can be prevented. In short, nobody has to deal with the topic of maintenance of the clamping set again.