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LPCB Approval Achieved By Ipswich Automatic Fire Suppression Company

LPCB Approval Achieved By Ipswich Automatic Fire Suppression Company

30-Jun-2017 by: Hannah Lenney Firetrace Ltd

Ipswich based company Firetrace Ltd has recently been certified by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB). This is a major achievement as only a handful of Fire Suppression suppliers in the world have achieved the LPCB Standard LPS1666. Firetrace Ltd are the only UK valve manufacturing company to gain the accreditation.


What is the Loss Prevention Certification Board?


The Loss Prevention Certification Board is the leading international Certification Body in the fields of security and fire protection. LPCB approval is recognised by governments and regulatory authorities across the world, especially in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East.


The new standard was developed by the LPCB to endorse the performance of Direct Pneumatic Tube based suppression systems. The approval process involved in depth assessment and testing of Firetrace’s products to ensure that they meet rigorous quality standards set by a team of experts. The team included insurers, engineers and scientists.


What this means for Firetrace?


A product that has been awarded the LPCB stamp of approval means that it is a product that will reduce the risk of theft and/or fire. Firetrace will now be listed the organisation’s ‘Red Book’, which is available online to specifiers and other users throughout the world.  Any future clients purchasing a Firetrace fire suppression system will know that they are buying a solution, that has been manufactured by an ISO9001 approved company that will protect them from the threat of major fire damage.


Tim Melton Joint MD Firetrace Ltd says “We are proud to be have gained LPCB approval for our pneumatic tubing system. This award recognises our position as an innovative and leading company in the field of fire suppression systems.”








Notes To Editor


Firetrace Limited is a family owned business based in Ipswich. We specialise in designing and building fire suppression systems that go straight to the heart of the fire. Our patented pneumatic detection tubing detects a fire in its early stage and suppresses it before it becomes a larger more problematic fire. 

Our systems monitor the risk area 24/7 365 days a year. 

Firetrace have been manufacturing automatic suppression systems for over 25 years and was originally showcased on the BBC Tomorrows World show in 1990. We have a number of documented success stories where the systems have both detected and extinguished the fires with little or no damage to the equipment.