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Idhammar, the CMMS Experts: Mobile Maintenance

Idhammar, the CMMS Experts: Mobile Maintenance

09-Feb-2018 by: Idhammar Systems IDHAMMAR SYSTEMS LTD

Work smarter with your smartphone and Idhammar MMS

CMMS continues to be one of the most advanced and useful investments available to industry today. Regardless of the size of your business, a CMMS can provide significant benefits to the professional maintenance management of your organisation and deliver savings to the bottom line. Businesses can take advantage of highly affordable systems and expect a return on their investment within months rather than years.

Idhammar MMS provides additional mobile functionality for iOS and Android devices that synchronises engineers’ Work Orders wirelessly with the central CMMS.  There is no need to purchase additional hardware; Idhammar MMS is compatible with any authentic and reputable smartphone or tablet device.

This mobile capability allows maintenance engineers to complete Work Orders in the field, in real time; a feature which is especially important if you have assets in wide-ranging locations.

Newly identified tasks can be created and added even if users are not within wireless range, mitigating the need to invest in additional IT infrastructure.

The Idhammar MMS mobile system allows you to take a photograph or video of an issue, and attach it to the Work Order straight away with your mobile or tablet – no need to rely on memory or just words.

These photographs provide clarity, meaning engineers can plan their work accurately and effectively, thus improving workflow and staff productivity.  Smart technology can enable people to work smarter!

The key benefits of using a mobile CMMS can be summarised as follows:

Key staff are always available, whether at their desk, working in operational areas or off-site

Eliminates paperwork and improves efficiency through real-time information visibility

Improves safety compliance and reduces risk.

Accelerates response time to critical failures

Improves workflow planning and productivity

Improves accuracy and reliability of data

Photo/video capabilities: a picture is worth a thousand words

No need to invest in special IT infrastructure


We are very proud that the Environment Agency has been an Idhammar MMS customer for over 15 years. The control of flooding is one of the Agency’s most important responsibilities. Using Idhammar MMS software the Agency manages the maintenance of the Thames Barrier and Associated Gates. Idhammar MMS is also in use throughout other Environment Agency departments.

The Environment Agency uses Idhammar MMS to assess the reliability of their flood risk management assets.  Information relating to the Likelihood of Failure and Time to Repair is gathered in the field and entered into the system either directly using mobile devices or back in the office.

Using complex formulas that take into account the consequence of failure and the houses at risk of flooding, a Site Reliability Measure is derived direct from the Idhammar application.  Key reports are submitted to government and are used to prioritise critical maintenance, support investment decisions and control management of the flood defence assets.

The Idhammar iPad mobile MMS app (available from the Apple App Store) capability is critical for the Environment Agency due to the widespread geography of their assets.  With Idhammar MMS you too can access essential work management functions without software installation via smart phones, tablets, iPads and laptops/desktops to quickly create work orders, allocate resources and issue.

Idhammar Mobile MMS Features

Update work orders, record completed jobs, allocate time, and create new work orders in the field, in real time

Get all relevant documentation and safety instructions in the palm of your hand

Technicians, line operators, managers and Maintenance Planners are able to allocate work to individual engineers, sent straight to their device

Take a photograph or video of an issue and attach it to the Work Order straight away with your mobile or tablet. No need to rely on memory or just words

Tick off condition checks, capture measurements and record asset status with ease

Complete stock checks and asset manifests based on location, or rotating check date using RFID, QR or bar code technology

Transact stock issues and returns using bar code technology


Empower your engineers with the Idhammar Mobile Maintenance application, enabling them to check and allocate stock or initiate work-orders in real-time, without returning to the office.

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