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09-13 April 2018

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Hainbuch Set to Grip The Crowds at MACH 2018

Hainbuch Set to Grip The Crowds at MACH 2018

08-Feb-2018 by: Hainbuch UK HAINBUCH UK LTD

On Stand H19-120 at MACH 2018, workholding innovators Hainbuch will be introducing a host of new technologies to MACH alongside established product lines that have certainly proven themselves in the marketplace. With flexibility, minimal interference contour and precision levels all being key factors for the modern workholding solution, Hainbuch will be demonstrating these attributes in its new range of TOPlus and SPANNTOP mini chucks.


Making their MACH debut at the Birmingham NEC from the 9th to 13th April,  the new modular mini chucks from Hainbuch will bring a new era of compatibility and flexibility for customers buying this exceptional modular system. The leading workholding specialist has also developed the SPANNTOP mini chuck to make it compatible with an adapter ring in order to use the new modular system. The exciting MANDO Adapt mandrel and the corresponding jaw module already work perfectly with the new SPANNTOP mini, meaning complete autonomy for your small component clamping needs.


Unlike the SPANNTOP mini chuck, the configuration for the TOPlus system is a little different. Whereas the SPANNTOP uses an adaptor ring, the TOPlus system has a ring of attachment holes to secure the market leading jaw module. At MACH 2018, Hainbuch will be introducing an innovative new MANDO Adapt series of adapters that will also work in harmony with the popular TOPlus system.


The groundbreaking SPANNTOP and TOPlus Mini Series are offered with a full through-bore plus a variety of standard lengths to suit all machine types and drawtube configurations. For the customer, this exciting new range of possibilities gives maximum flexibility with O.D. clamping via the clamping head and I.D. clamping with the mandrel adapting MANDO Adapt system whilst complete jaw clamping can be accommodated with the new jaw adapting module.


Making a MACH exhibition debut will be the new Magnet Module. This exciting new concept has been developed for the processing of complicated components or thin walled parts. Designed and developed with Neodymium 'Super Strength' magnets, the new Magnet Modules are compatible with standard Hainbuch workholding chucks, such as the extremely popular TOPlus and SPANNTOP systems.


With just a single screw that activates the magnet, the new Magnet Module provides ease of use and very fast clamp and un-clamping times. Incorporating a magnet on/off operation screw and super strength magnets that provide a maximum holding force of up to 140 N/cm², the Hainbuch Magnet Module is an extremely flexible and robust system.


Suitable for use with the Hainbuch range of 'pull-back' clamping devices, the Magnet Modules can be set-up in the machine tool in less than 30 seconds. In addition to offering exceptional clamping forces, unfathomable ease-of-use and the most simplistic set-up and changeover configuration available, the Hainbuch Magnet Module also delivers a positional change over accuracy of 2μm.


Another addition to this exceptionally flexible product line-up is the Centrex face drive attachment. From a customer benefit perspective, the face drive attachment is ideal for machining a workpiece over its entire length. The Centrex delivers improved concentric precision whilst stabilising the geometric tolerances. By simply inserting the clamping device and tightening three screws, the Centrex delivers precision and repeatability that is beyond alternate workholding solutions. With all these benefits available from just one stand at MACH, we guarantee you won’t need to look anywhere else at the exhibition for a workholding solution. For more details, please contact your local Hainbuch representative or come and visit us on Stand H19-120 at MACH 2018 from the 9th to 13th April 2018 at the NEC.