Mach 2018

09-13 April 2018

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HAIMER Tooling Solutions

HAIMER Tooling Solutions

07-Feb-2018 HAIMER GMBH

At the MACH 2018 show, HAIMER is going to present an overview of the whole product portfolio of cutting tools. All solutions are fine balanced and ready to optimize the operation process of metal cutting.

The product range displayed reaches from Power Mill cutting tools which are known for their universal use in different materials to HAIMER’s patented Duo-Lock™ system.

HAIMER is going to display solid carbide end mills which are designed to be used on different materials such as aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium, cast iron and hard materials. All cutting tools are balanced to <1 g/mm which ensures high runout accuracy and an optimized surface finish. HAIMER solid carbide end mills have the option to be equipped with HAIMER’s well-known Safe-Lock™ system. This system prevents tool pull outs even at high performance cutting speeds and with high feed rates.

The patented Duo-Lock™ system of HAIMER is offering the most stable interface for solid carbide modular cutting tool heads. With the Duo-Lock™ interface, modular milling tools can now realize similar performance as the latest generation of solid carbide end mills. Based on a patented double cone thread design with an additional supporting pilot, the Duo-Lock™ interface offers maximum stability, load capacity and runout accuracy of <5 μm.

New in the Duo-Lock™ product range are cutting tool heads that are made of fine grain carbide with 10% cobalt content and equipped with the successful Power Mill and Basic Mill tool geometries. With a high degree of repeatability, these cutting tool heads can be exchanged directly in the machine, often eliminating the need for measuring. In addition, HAIMER is offering Duo-Lock™ blanks in various lengths, which can be ground with individual milling geometries for specialized applications. The HAIMER Duo-Lock™ product range includes extensions as well as Mono-block holders.

For further information please visit HAIMER booth 523 in hall 20.