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Gradient tube furnaces perfect for Chemical Vapour Transport reactions

Gradient tube furnaces perfect for Chemical Vapour Transport reactions


CARBOLITE GERO’s range of quality laboratory ovens and furnaces includes a range of tube furnaces with maximum temperatures as high as 1700oC for certain models and 1300oC for the multi-zone variant.

Building on the principal of a standard 3-Zone tube furnace (which provides a high level of temperature uniformity through the entire work tube thanks to additional heating element control and insulating plugs or radiation shields at either end), our latest 3 zone gradient furnace has been welcomed as the perfect solution for laboratory scale Chemical Vapour Transport (CVT) testing and pilot plant production of pure and crystalline solids. This manufacturing process is well developed and meticulously documented in a multitude of academic and scientific papers.

The process is actually the basis for everyday halogen lamps and has been widely employed to manufacture ultrapure nickel, mirroring the natural Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) process where minerals form in high-temperature volcanic locations, as chemist Robert Bunsen first observed in 1852.

Carbolite Gero’s multi-zone gradient furnaces typically hold a ceramic or quartz work tube with a 25mm - 60mm diameter and zone barriers for optimum performance. The tube inside the furnace is maintained at partial pressure with the reactant gas pumped over a substrate located in a crucible boat.

Whether it is the deposition of graphene on copper foil or the manufacture of TiSiN nanocomposite coatings on stainless steel the resulting pure, crystalline solid material is of extreme value. It is used in the subsequent manufacture of ultra-high-tech components that are rapidly making the once impossible possible.

Carbolite Gero’s knowledgeable team of solutions engineers understand the complexities presented by Chemical Vapour Transport and have designed our multi-zone gradient tube furnaces to fully meet the challenges it presents.