Mach 2018

09-13 April 2018

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Galileo PLUS LED sensor: the new maintenance concept

Galileo PLUS LED sensor: the new maintenance concept

09-Apr-2018 by: Losma SpA LOSMA UK LTD

Losma - leader in design and installation of filtration systems for air and coolants - at MACH Birmingham 2018 Hall 7 Stand 544, presents the concept of the new sensor for Galileo PLUS: the easiest way to discover clogging status of filters.

The new sensor is able to monitor the flow rate of the mist collector and provide a quick visual information thanks to its LED sensor. 

Sensor installation is very easy, it can be positioned near the mist collector with a build-in frame supplied by Losma, or in any other part of the machine tool where the operator is more comfortable, till 2 meters’ distance. 

This new sensor works with any existing accessories supplied by Losma, such as pre-filter or post filter and it’s able to communicate with the PLC of the machine tool, by giving feedback signals of the immediate status of the Mist Collectors. This signals can be managed according to the costumer’s preferences. 

The sensor can be purchased separately from GALILEO PLUS or together, giving the opportunity to upgrade any other models supplied before.