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Fastest On-the-fly Fiber Laser Marking to Date Developed by Cajo Technologies - in Use in Multiple Factories

Fastest On-the-fly Fiber Laser Marking to Date Developed by Cajo Technologies - in Use in Multiple Factories


Cajo Technologies, manufacturer of highly advanced laser marking systems, has pioneered new levels of speed and precision for on-the-fly laser marking. Recent projects with cable, wire harnesses, aluminum extrusion, and pipe manufacturers inspired Cajo Technologies’ team to push boundaries with both the range of materials that can be laser marked and the speeds at which they can be marked precisely – all while the workpiece is in motion on a production line. Many of these customers are replacing ink-jet systems.

Examples include a steel cable processor who needed their cables marked to prevent use counterfeit parts – critical in cases involving high-tolerance weight-bearing cables that, if unable to perform to the original suppliers’ specs, could be extremely hazardous. This customer needed permanent, unique laser marking at a speed to match their production process. The Cajo Technologies team was able to meet their needs with a 100W fiber laser – allowing speeds of 200 meters/minute. An incredible feat with the stability to be used in a rigorous production environment.

Another satisfied Cajo Technologies customer is a producer of wire harnesses for automotive engines with factory locations throughout Europe. They had found that over the course of their inkjet machine lifetimes, additives, downtime, maintenance, were costing them much more than initially calculated – some machines’ replacement parts, additives and service costing up to 76 000€ over 10 years. And this doesn’t even acknowledge that the markings would wear off after some years. When they found that Cajo Technologies lasers could permanently mark polymer cable jackets at high speeds, with no additives, on-the-fly – up to required 6m/sec or even faster, on PE and PVC cables – they were convinced that Cajo Technologies laser marking systems were a perfect replacement for their aging ink jet systems. 


Other successful projects involving high-speed, on-the-fly markings on aluminum extrusions, PE pipes, and metal pipes have allowed customers to achieve the high-quality brand and traceability markings - all while maintaining or increasing production speed, with a clean, additive free, low-maintenance marking solution.


About Cajo Technologies

Cajo Technologies produces innovative laser marking solutions for all industrial and branding purposes that can be easily integrated in factory production lines or one-off use. These laser marking systems are widely used in the metal, plastics, cable and cable harness, and the medical equipment industries. Cajo's laser marking solutions create precise and permanent component traceability, identification, and brand markings including 2D markings such as QR codes, bar codes, and data matrices with no product maintenance needed. In addition, the patented technology creates bright, repeatable colors on stainless steel, titanium, and chrome with no additives or pigments needed.