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Excellence in manufacturing supports excellence in engineering.

Excellence in manufacturing supports excellence in engineering.

07-Dec-2017 BOTT LTD

Bott is proud to have supported the BLOODHOUND World Land Speed Record attempt since the early days of this visionary initiative, sharing the team’s desire to educate, innovate and test what’s possible with today’s engineering technologies. Our support goes deeper than the provision of our products installed in the car assembly workshop in Bristol - we believe that this project is crucial in inspiring future generations of UK engineers.

Clive Woodward, CEO at Bott, said: “This program has successfully reignited the pioneering passion that drove Britain's engineers to lead the world in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. A ‘Can Do’ spirit is of vital importance if we are to continue developing Britain's engineering prowess for a sound future. This Project is more than just breaking records, it is about setting new positive perspectives for our society".

The latest milestone in the project has now been reached, with the recent spectacular test runs at Cornwall Newquay Airport. After a month of testing the integration of the EJ200 jet engine as well as the steering, brakes, suspension, data systems and other functions, the BLOODHOUND car blasted down the 1.7m long runway, hitting a peak speed of 210mph in just 8 seconds!

BLOODHOUND’S Chief Engineer Mark Chapman said, “The Newquay tests have gone better than anyone dared hope and that is testament to the many years of research and design invested in BLOODHOUND SSC. It is a one-off prototype with over 3,500 bespoke parts, so to see it performing so well today is a hugely satisfying experience.”

Part of the BLOODHOUND adventure is to share every detail of the project with as many people as possible. The exposure of tidy and organised workspace has enabled a global audience to see how high quality workshop storage equipment is one of the unseen, but vital building blocks behind most successful R&D projects.

In the build-up to the test runs, the BLOODHOUND team set up a temporary workshop inside a Hardened Aircraft Shelter (HAS) on the edge of Cornwall Newquay Airport. Built during the Cold War to protect aircraft, the shelter was ideally suited for their needs. The team de-camped and a number of key Bott products were relocated to replicate workshop facilities back at the Technical Centre in Bristol. Using versatile Bott benches and mobile drawer cabinets, the BLOODHOUND engineers created mechanical systems bays around the car and a fabrication shop, providing necessary support for minor repairs & adjustments for pre/post run engineering checks. Large cupboards and cabinets provided safe storage facilities for critical equipment; such as the steering wheel, cockpit canopy and car wheels.

Clive Woodward added: "It is a real privilege to be involved in this outstanding showcase of truly innovative British Engineering. As the Project moves on to the South African desert, we’re proud that Bott workplace equipment plays a continued and vital role in this daring and historic land speed record attempt. Such hi-tech projects generate real momentum that will help inspire a generation of New Engineers and Technicians, providing in turn, a sound base for the UK’s Industrial Strategy”.