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CMF Company Achievement award

CMF Company Achievement award


Company Achievement Award - CMF Awards

The Company Achievement Award was won by Harrison Castings Ltd for its turnaround in sales, investment in building, plant and people and a succesful move into the North American market.

Harrison Castings is an aluminium foundry employing in excess of 100 people based in a 1930s building in Leicester. Facing a decline in the large diesel market and deteriorating buildings, the company set about transforming both its location and its focus to great effect.
As well as developing a strategy to build new overseas sales, particularly in North America, the management invested in a major refurbishment and capital programme creating a working environment for the future resulting in a 50 per cent growth in sales and profitability.

"The Company had reached something of a crossroads with both its location and a drop in traditional markets. The successful turnaround has come from a combination of carefully implemented strategy and a confidence in the capability of the eceptional team we have here" said Robert Harrison, Chairman.