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Case Study - Hasbro: don't play with cooling!

Case Study - Hasbro: don't play with cooling!

16-Jan-2018 by: Cristina Piattelli SEELEY INTERNATIONAL EUROPE

Famous toys and games manufacturer, Hasbro, has found the answer to cooling its factory in Waterford, Ireland by installing the Breezair Evaporative Cooling. The state-of-the art system has reduced temperatures in the plastic injection moulding workshop from a sweltering 30°C in summer to a comfortable 23°C. The Breezair coolers have drastically improved working conditions within the workshop resulting in greater productivity for the company. 

A wholly owned subsidiary of Hasbro Games, the worldwide leader in children’s and family leisure time entertainment, Hasbro Ireland was established in Waterford in 1977. The company operates from a modern production facility of 23,000 square meters where it employs a workforce of approximately 500 who manufacture Games, Playdoh products and Puzzles. In addition, the company offers turnkey logistics solutions to customers, supported by integrated process technologies, injection moulding, thermoforming, printing, board & paper conversion, rigid box manufacture, etc.

The poor thermal environment in the injection-moulding workshop exacerbated by the 36 moulding machines and single vacuum forming machine caused problems of fatigue and low morale amongst the workforce. Looking at ways of improving the situation, Plant Engineer, Norman Pearson, investigated a number of possibilities. Dismissing air conditioning as prohibitively expensive for such a large area, Norman settled on Breezair as the most economical and effective way of cooling the injection-moulding workshop. A total of four Breezair coolers have now been installed in the injection-moulding workshop area creating a far better working environment and greater thermal comfort. Such has been the success of the Breezair system that an additional three coolers have now been installed in other parts of the factory to spot cool areas where temperatures are particularly high.

“The level of complaints has been drastically reduced and the morale amongst the workforce is very much better”, says Norman Pearson. “I would recommend installing Breezair in any factory where high temperatures are causing a poor thermal environment”.