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Ajax Geared head drill press

Ajax Geared head drill press

Ajax Drills Into The Demands of the Industry Still as popular as they were in the 1940's, the humble drill is as much a cornerstone of the machine shop as it's always been. As part of its 75 year anniversary celebrations, Ajax Machine Tools is launching the latest addition to its 'medium duty' pedestal drilling range with the arrival of the new Scantool SB30 drilling machine. The new Scantool SB30 incorporates a medium duty geared head with eight spindle speeds that enables the 1.5Hp motor to deliver sufficient torque throughout its speed range of 75 to 3140rpm. This well balanced combination of speed and torque allow the Number 3 Morse Taper to drill through mild steel at a depth of up to 32m or even tap threads up to M16. With a height of 1730mm and a table dimension of 405mm by 505mm, the drill is a compact and space saving alternative to larger machines. The table of the SB30 has a geared rise and fall facility that gives the customer a maximum capacity from spindle nose to table of 900mm. Furthermore, with a machine weight of 200kg, the SB30 is sturdy and robust whilst offering the flexibility to be easily re-located around the machine shop. The standard electrics of the SB30 support this flexibility with its 415 volt 3-phase connection. The price competitive drill is also available with additional options that include a cross feed table and power feed to spindle facility. Commenting upon the new SB30 drilling machine, Ajax Machine Tools Sales Manager, Mr Ian Fenton says: "As a company that has sold thousands of drilling machines down the decades, Ajax is attuned to the demands of the industry and we align our products to the exact needs of the customer. We also know craftsmanship and high quality when we see it. The new SB30 is an extremely robust, well built and compact drill with stability and power that will suit most machine shops, hobbyists and educational establishments."