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Ajax Cylindrical grinding machines

Ajax Cylindrical grinding machines

Fine Surface Finishes Are No Longer a Grind With Ajax Cylindrical Range Ajax Machine Tools has now introduced its impressive line of AJG cylindrical grinding centres for high precision finishing of round parts. The extremely reliable, precise and robust grinding centres are offered with four dimensional sizes to meet the various demands of the marketplace. The four variants of the new AJG range include the AJG27, AJG30, AJG35 and AJG38 with the numeric designation signifying the maximum swing over the bed of 270 to 380mm. Cost effective, easy to use and with an intuitive control panel, the AJG Series is ideal for subcontract machine shops, educational establishments and end users that demand the utmost in precision and high quality surface finishes or for manufacturers processing hard materials. The machine with the smallest swing over the table, the AJG27 is available with a distance between centres of 350, 550 or 750 whilst the AJG30, AJG35 and AJG38 can accommodate part lengths up to 1000mm, 550/750mm and 1000mm respectively. With a spacious swing and length capacity, the various machines can process parts of 250, 280, 330, and 360mm diameters with a maximum loading capacity from 60 to 150kg. The wheelhead on the AJG Series is capable of swinging +/-15 degrees to the right and left whilst the in-feed travel is 250mm, a dimensional travel that can be controlled automatically or via the ergonomically positioned hand wheels. The precision levels of the AJG Series is particularly impressive with an automatic in-feed increment of 0.001-1.8mm with a handwheel movement per division being 0.005mm. The AJG Series combines precision with power, demonstrated by the 3.75 or 5.6kW motor that provides a grinding spindle speed of 1650, 1850 or 2100rpm. The grinding wheel on the AJG Series has a diameter of 405mm with a width capacity for wheels from 32-50mm on the smaller AJG27 and AJG30 machines with 38-75mm on the larger more robust AJG35 and AJG38 cylindrical grinders. The machine table has a swivelling angle of 6/9 degrees with a variable traverse speed from 50 to 4000mm/min. For further information on this impressive series of cylindrical grinding machines, please contact Ajax Machine Tools.