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Ajax affordable CNC lathes

Ajax affordable CNC lathes

Ajax Launches Ultra New Turning Centre To cater for the needs of the modern subcontract machine shop and educational establishment, Ajax Machine Tools has now launched its new ULTRATURN CNC lathe. The compact and robust lathe offers a blend of flexibility, rigidity, power and operator friendliness that is the envy of the industry. These attributes are derived from a choice of the Fagor 8037 or Siemens 808D CNC control units that are fully conversational to guide the user step by step through the programming process. The operator friendly control units enable the customer to conduct everything from straight, taper and profile turning through to screw cutting and other more challenging tasks that can all be applied through full ISO programming if desired. The machine gives a swing over the bed of 402mm and can be in 750 or 1000mm between centres. With quality instilled in every feature throughout the machine, the new ULTRATURN Series is supplied with a huge range of standard features that include a complete coolant system, automatic bed-way lubrication, electronic hand wheels for X and Z axes, AC spindle motor with AC feed drives and motors, 4-way automatic tool post, interlocking guarding and chip collection system for the complete turning solution. As well as conversational programming, customers can upload or download programs via an RS232 port or alternately through USB or RJ45 ports that are integrated in the control unit. Whilst demonstrating its flexibility, rigidity and user friendly characteristics, the ULTRATURN Series also offers a host of optional features that can further enhance the capabilities of this uncompromising turning line. Some of the available options from Ajax include the choice of a 3 or 4 jaw chuck, fixed or travelling steadies, live centres, face plates and even an 8 station tooling turret. For further details on how the ULTRATURN Series of lathes from Ajax can transform your business, please contact Ajax Machine Tools on Tel: 01590 676000