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Abrasive Consumables: Everything You Need to Know

Abrasive Consumables: Everything You Need to Know


ActOn abrasive consumables are widely used in different industries such as defence, aerospace, automotive, general engineering, construction, rail and many more. Blasting media can be used to process both metals and softer materials such as plastics and wood.

ActOn Abrasive Consumables range includes:

- Aluminium Oxide
- Glass Beads
- Metallic Blasting Media (including Steel Shot, Steel Grit, Chilled Iron Grit, Cut Wire Shot)
- Plastic Blast Media
- Silicon Carbides
- Walnut Shell
- Brown, Pink & White Alumina
- Ceramic Beads

Our specialist with decades of experience in this field are always available to help you choose the right Abrasive Consumables for your process requirement.

For further technical information about ActOn Abrasive Consumables please get in touch with a member of the ActOn technical team today at or visit our website