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09-13 April 2018

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Stand: H6-168

MecWash specialises in the design and manufacture of a complete range of aqueous cleaning and degreasing systems for metal and plastic engineering components. 

Our capabilities also include the laboratory analysis of components and developing specialist detergents. 

MecWash machines are used in the aerospace, automotive, defence, medical and general engineering industries.


64 Hundred
Severn Drive
GL20 8SF
United Kingdom

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  • Sub-contractors within the high precision machining sector have an opportunity to grasp new business as UK manufacturers are said to be confident of a boom in global demand this year, according to MecWash, one of the leading industrial parts washing specialists.

    But those sub-contractors seeking to benefit need to be capable of delivering exacting standards if they are to compete for contracts successfully, said John Pattison, managing director of MecWash Systems, based at Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK...

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  • A need to increase the number of high precision engineered components cleaned at any one time, along with a demand for even greater cleanliness standards, led a Midlands based company to turn to MecWash for a solution.

    Stourbridge Turning and Grinding Ltd (STAG) is a leader in its field when it comes to the production of CNC turned, machined and ground components for customers in the global hydraulics, automotive, construction, industrial vehicle and agricultural sectors...


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  • After decades of focus on export markets, UK customers are becoming more important than ever in the manufacturing supply chain, a trend that is increasing rapidly according to Tewkesbury-based industrial parts washing specialist MecWash... 

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  • Component cleanliness is a key quality criterion in the motor industry.  Requirements are becoming stricter as each vehicle generation launches which is why more and more manufacturers are turning to MecWash and its proven aqueous cleaning and degreasing systems to deliver precision results, as well as reduce costs.

    The Tewkesbury-based company’s systems are already being used to clean components destined for car makers such as Jaguar Land Rover, VW group, Aston Martin, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Fiat, Renault, Porsche and Mercedes to name but a few...

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  • The aerospace industry is likely to experience stronger growth in 2017 following multiple years of positive but subdued rate of growth according to a recent report [1]by Deloitte who also forecast sector revenues will likely grow by about 2.0 percent this year.

    With the news that the Government is to pump £4.7bn into high-tech sectors such as aerospace as well as the announcement of an extra runway to be built at Heathrow Airport, the industry is set to go from strength to strength...

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  • Demand for ever finer tolerances in engineered components is placing pressure on manufacturers to meet increasingly stringent customer and industry cleanliness requirements, while still maintaining profitability.

    Advances in technology within the parts cleaning industry give functional improvements and greater efficiencies that make such objectives more than achievable in most situations...

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