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09-13 April 2018

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Stand: H7-48

Alicona specialise in Optical Metrology for industry. Our Surface Metrology and 3D surface Metrology systems allow industry to carry out inprocess and QC inspection on complex surfaces in the production environment.


Lime Tree House
15 Lime Tree Walk
TN13 1RJ
United Kingdom

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  • Fritz Stepper GMBH & CO.KG is one of the technology leaders in the stamping sector and known worldwide for its introduction of modular stamping tool construction, it produces several billion contact parts per year. In the area of Quality assurance, the company has relied on Alicona, the provider of 3D optical measuring technology, for many years. Now Stepper is expanding its automation in the production environment to include Alicona measuring systems. These Measuring instruments operate automatically and are in use 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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  • In the age of Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing, flexible production strategies require intelligent interaction between humans and robots.


    Alicona have developed collaborative systems created from universal robots, Alicona optical metrology technology and man to provide flexible quality assurance systems in production.


    These measurement solutions can be used either manually or automatically for inspection of features on large objects. Systems can be built for quality assurance of round heavy components (illustrated here) with a weight up to 120Kg or horizontal systems for large flat objects on which detailed features need to be measured

    Applications for this production-integrated measurement solution include the control of sharp edges/break out on aircraft engine turbine disks and to detect   chipping along the edge and to verify minimum radii, essential for safety and reliability in the engine. The systems can also be used to measure “dings” or scratches at discreet locations on the surfaces of these objects.

    Other applications include the measurement of mismatch on large turned and machined objects, quality assurance of circular saw blades or grinding wheels.

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    AMRC have recently purchased an Alicona sensor to build in line metrology solutions, this video explains why they have done this.
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    CEO of Alicona, Dr Stefan Scherer is interviewed at the EMO show in Germany highlighting the ways and direction of Alicona in the future
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    by: Brian Kyte 19 Dec 2017
    The Pick and Place system introduced by Alicona allows the automatic measurement of surface features and finish. It provides a go/no go solution with parts sorted according to the Quality of the part.
  • Alicona at the AMRC

    by: Brian Kyte 19 Dec 2017
    The AMRC in Sheffield are a large user of the Alicona range of products and in this video users talk about the advantages of Optical Metrology.
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