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09-13 April 2018

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Lead Generation

Data Capture At MACH 2018

There are a number of new products available at MACH 2018 to help you as an Exhibitor capture data and generate leads. This guide is designed to help you work out the best option for your stand and help secure the best return on investment for your time at the show.

Free Data Capture

The MTA, as organisers of MACH 2018 recognise the importance of data capture for our exhibitors so for 2018 we are giving every exhibitor a chance to access the new system Free of Charge.

You will recieve:

  • 1 Visit Connect App License
  • Access to the Visit Online Portal
  • Onsite support from our MACH geniuses



You download the free app onto your own smart phone or tablet, you can then use the device to scan visitor badges, add notes or qualify the leads. Post-event you can log into the online system and download the leads to follow-up.



Everybody! - it is free, easy to use and effective


Get set up in advance; you can create custom lead qualifying questions to help you qualify quickly and accurately

Make notes live; you can add information to individual leads, voice memos and pictures so record the information safely in the app and don't risk it on a stray sticky note!

Get stuck? Get Help! We will have staff available onsite to visit you on your stand and provide support, don't let a problem stop you using a valuable tool when our MACH geniuses can get you up and running.




Poken - Interactive Touchpoints

Brand new for MACH 2018 is Poken - as an exhibitor you can upload content to these small wireless boxes which visitors can then collect using their badges. Visitors who interact with a Poken device are recorded so you can download the leads and follow-up post event.


Please watch this short video to see how visitors can interacts with the touchpoints:


Still confused? Don't worry; there is a Webinar by Poken to explain exactly how it all works.


Your Poken is multi purpose;

  • Busy stands - get visitors to record their interest and request a follow-up so you never miss a lead!
  • Multiple products - get multiple devices so your client can download targeted information.
  • Heavy brochure - make it downloadable so your clients don't have to carry it!


Think about placement; remember your Poken point needs accessible to a badge hanging around someone's neck - make sure it is placed at a comfortable height as test it out yourself

Be Visible; your Poken point needs to be obvious - design frames or boards into your stand design to ensure visitors can spot them and be clear on the information which is available.

Build Your Own Bespoke Solution

If the pre-arranged packages don't suit your requirements then you can order your own tailor-made solution by selecting from the items available on the  online order form.

Available to order are:

  • App licences
  • Poken touch points
  • Hand-held badge scanners
  • Tablets/Smart devices


So you can equip your stand and staff with exactly what they need to maximise lead generation at the show.

  • Customise your data capture requirements to your stand
  • Create an engaging and interactive experience for visitors
  • Qualify and manage your leads with ease
  • Distribute your company information easily and effectively


The new smart badge system will revolutionalise how you generate leads at MACH 2018.


Order Now!

Poken Points at MACHPricing lists for Poken and all other data capture options are available to download or via the Online Exhibitor Manual.

Poken touchpoints and our tiered package dealsare being subsidised by the MTA for MACH 2018 so to get the best deal make sure to order via before the early bird rate ends on 22/12/17.






Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download my Free App?

You will be able to download it from the App Store but we will be sending out a link and a 'How To' guide slightly nearer the show.

Can I access the leads I have capture instantly?

Yes - You can get live access to both the Poken and Visit Connect portals to view the leads you have gathered, download them at any time and add notes.

Will the data be accessible post-show?

Yes - The portals will be live after the show has finished

Can we identify individual leads from multiple touchpoints?

Yes - The Poken portal will gather all the leads together centrally but you will be able to see which leads came from which touchpoint

Are the Visit App and Poken Portal separate?

Yes - There are plans to integrate the two but for now you will need to login to each separately.